Vocabulary Revision Game

I prepare my students for Cambridge Exams (Flyers, KET, and PET). And since the examination date is just around the corner, I thought I should revise the vocabulary list. Also, my learners asked me for an activity or a game to revise the Flyers word list. So, I came up with the following game, and it went well!
You are going to need the Thematic Vocabulary List for Flyers. You can download the list from here (PDF file. Size 1.66 MB, taken form the Cambridge YLE Handbook.)
I grouped the learners into groups of 4s and 3s and asked each group to get 1 sheet of paper, and a pen/pencil for each student.
The instructions were that I’m going write a category on the board taken from the vocabulary list, and they will have 1 minute to write as much words as they know on their sheet, and when the time is up, they should stop. You can use the clock on the wall as a timer, or if you have a stopwatch on your phone. I used Google Stopwatch, and projected it on the board so the learners can know how much left. You can find it here. (press the CTRL key while clicking on the link to open it in a new tab.)
When the time was up, I asked each group to pass their sheet to the group next to them, and showed the aforementioned vocabulary list on the board. The learners checked the sheets against the vocabulary list. Giving 1 point for any word that is on the list, 2 points for any correct word that is not on the list, and crossing any word that doesn’t belong to the category or that is false in a way or another. And wrote their points under their team’s name on the board. If you don’t like having a competition in your classroom, you can skip writing the points on the board. However, my learners enjoyed that a lot!
After getting back their own sheets, I asked the learners to write on their notebooks any word that is on the list but they didn’t write, so they would learn and study this word later.
And that’s all about it. I’m gonna try out this activity with my KET and PET students and see how it goes!
What do you think about the activity? Any comments or alterations?


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