A year ago I finished Delta Module 2. I made most of these memes during the course as a way of … catharsis.
I didn’t experience all the moments captured in the following memes. But I kinda felt them.

Those who did Delta are going to relate. And those who will take the course will probably share the memes with their peers. They might also learn a thing or two from them about the course. However, fear not, this is just making lemonade out of some massive lemon. Module 2 was the best teaching-related experience I’ve ever had. I hope you enjoy your course!

When the time comes and you have to start working on LSA 1

When you are reading about Module 2 on blogs and you’re confused what is what!

When you keep telling your colleagues and family that you are doing Module 2 and they just change the subject

This happened to me  in LSA 1. In my defense, the name of the author was French.

I used to write the title in the bibliography the second I quoted from the reference

When mid-course, the pressure is mounting and you consider dropping out, then a smile from your tutor:

Self-explanatory , I’d say

By the end of the course, you’d probably forgotten the names of your family members, and the faces of half of your friends

Luckily, I didn’t experience this

Never neglect working on the PDA and Observations

Happened in LSA 2, I was about to go near the tutor and look at his notes 😀No comment on this one

Endless process

Literally when I was about to get the result of my first LSA

The horror, the horror

Always consider phonology/pronunciation

Wherever you go, you will be thinking about your lessons/LSAs

Happened countless timesWhen your peers think you’re an expert

In a moment, your day would change from the ‘busiest ever’ to ‘I have so much time I dunno what to do!’

I will never forget the feeling (LSA 2)

My fingers were hitting the characters so fast so I could find some time to watch the episode

even though the course is not over yet, but you’d still feel as if

Why did I mention the genre of the text in my LSA 1!!!

LSA 3: I was running low on time, motivation, and energy. So, I had to do it.
got a ‘partially met’ 😀

The moment hen you question yourself for enrolling in the course might hit you any time throughout the course

This really happened (not with the bread test though)

When you think you are having a bad time, then…

Always base the lessons on your learners’ needs

That game helped me a lot whenever I felt stressed

The feeling when you’re looking at the report and met almost all the criteria 

When the tutor is giving a session about writing LSAs, and you’re discussing lunch with one of your peers

Worst feeling EVER!

That dreaded choice

When week 6 (the final one) is coming and you have to submit all your work

When you finally hit ‘send’ on the email that contains all your work to your tutor, and now it’s his problem to check it

when you learn that the results take 8-12 weeks to be posted

When you get to go out for the first time after you finish Module Two


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