This is the second time I get publish at EFL Magazine. In the article, I write about the ways to develop as a teacher other than taking a course such as CELTA or TESOL.

You can read the article here: How to Develop and Thrive as a Teacher Without Taking CELTA or TESOL. 

I hope you find the article useful, and feel free to comment on it 🙂



  1. It was simply amazing Ahmad! Thanks for sharing all those resources. As an ESL trainer in India and I can understand all the problems that you’ve mentioned in your article. I want to take CELTA, but it costs around 2-3 months of my salary. So I’m not considering that as an option as of now. Moreover I live off my salary. No savings. So I can’t even afford to quit my job and pursue only CELTA. I asked CELTA admin team about online options, but they refused. So I’m pursuing an online TESOL programme as of now. I don’t know whether it will be of the same value, but I’ve learnt a lot from it. I follow you and try to catch up with all that you do. I wish these will help me step-up on the career ladder. I just wish. Any suggestions?

    • Ahmad Zaytoun Reply

      I’m really happy that you found the article helpful, and that you follow the blog. Thank you!
      What I could suggest is not different from the article- attend as much webinars as you could, and try to read ELT books. If there’s anything you’re looking for, or need help with, please contact me here, via email, or Facebook.

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