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Ever since I’ve finished my CELTA in December 2014, I’ve been contacted by countless people from all over the world (I hope you are reading this post) who want to take CELTA. And always, I was happy to help my fellow colleagues.

That’s why I’ve decided to create this infographic hoping it would be helpful for teachers who don’t know what CELTA is. or what it does offer. And to function as  Cambridge CELTA introduction. Of course, this is not what all is CELTA about. To know ALL about CELTA you gotta read the CELTA Course Trainee Book, or take the course yourself  😉

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Cambridge CELTA Introduction. An infographic about Cambridge CELTA.
Cambridge CELTA Introduction. An infographic about Cambridge CELTA.


did you find this infographic helpful? Was it a good Cambridge CELTA Introduction?
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  1. Mervana Ramoon Reply

    Can i ask about the time available for appling the course at the brititsh council and How much it cast?

    • Ahmad Zaytoun Reply

      Hi Mervana,
      I’m afraid I have no information about this. You need to contact the center. But, as far as I know, CELTA costs 1080 GBP. However, this may vary from a center to another 🙂

  2. Helen Dermawan Reply

    Brilliant info! Thank you! In Kirkkees….West Yorkshire…the course is available part time….2 evenings a week over a 20 week period. It’s been a wonderful way of doing it!

    • Ahmad Zaytoun Reply

      Mine too was part time but spread over six weeks, 4 days a week.
      Thank you Helen!

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  4. Very interesting but I’d like to ask if teachers’ level in english B2 .. Are they qualified to apply for celta !?

    • Ahmad Zaytoun Reply

      Hey Amer, yes they are qualified to apply. When applying they don’t ask you for proof of your level, however, they would expect you to have good commands of English. They can know that during the interview

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  8. Hi when vompketeing the pre interview task at home you get a interveiw face to face and you have to do spelling and past tenses interview whatbspelling do I learn?

    • Ahmad Zaytoun Reply

      It is not important whether you use American or British spelling. What matters is beıng consıstent.

  9. I’m struggling with learning everything like grammar how much do I need to study because they will test me after the pre interview task also spelling.

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