After a lot of thinking, and going back and forth about blogging, I’ve finally decided to create this blog and start writing about this great and massive world of ELT.

let’s see what happens!



  1. I have started doing DELTA Module since 20 Feb 2019. I couldn’t get a class to teach but only in the second week of March due to some problems. Now, I can’t complete the course as it finishes on May 3 while in my school next week Apr 14 is our final exams:(
    Can I ask the centre and my OPT to postpone the course till our summer school? If yes, what can I say to them so as they will accept my reasons?
    Your help and understanding are highly appreciated.

    • Ahmad Zaytoun Reply

      Hi Hanan,
      I’m really sorry. I don’t know the procedure for postponing the course. But you need to consult the center, and they will probably do what they can to help you. Good luck with your course 🙂

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